Saturday, 4 January 2014


Before I met up with my client over the Christmas break to decide on a design idea, I prepared a few thoughts on the direction I would like to take this brief in. The client has asked me to do another quick brief for him alongside the branding of the salon, in a collage style, and I thought it would be appropriate to reflect this style through this brief also.

Above shows credentials on the colour card, as stated by the client. He has also stated that on the appointment/business card needs to be, Client Name, Date, Contact Number & Address. 

Price List Ideas - Simple format, easy for client to store at home, in a purse/handbag etc.

Ideas for applying collage to the brief. A combination of handworked and digital design could be used, or a solely digital approach could also be taken. Both have different advantages but due to time scale, as well as the style of collage it seems more apt to use handworked collage which has been digitally manipulated afterwards.

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