Sunday, 5 January 2014


The images of different hair colours shown on the previous post, were laser printed, and cut up into pieces shown as below. These were then glued down in a slight colour grade to create a collaged background, stock image. The client has commented on the style of design I commonly use, and was happy for me to go ahead with what we thought was the strongest design idea.

The collage created was then scanned in, and manipulated on photoshop to create the best colour, change the background to transparent, crop to size, whilst being able to be experiment with more easily. 

After the logo development shown on a previous post, Tommasso was used, in white to stand out against the collaged background. I chose to play with 4 different sections of the collage, for 4 different business cards, creating clipping masks for each one. This method was also used to enable the type to be a clipping mask of the collage, which have been used on the reverse of the business card to allow it to be more readable and legible for the reader.

To create the price list, the format was decided to be A5, portrait, folded in half, creating a standard valley fold leaflet. The outside of the leaflet will have the same logo on as used on the business cards as well as the addition of "price list".

Below shows two copies of the collage, one on the left, and one to the right which has been flipped vertically. This created the more aesthetically and filling image shown below when cropped to size.

Text applied to the cover in font 'Tommasso' again. Throughout the design process I have liaised with the client, whilst being back in Doncaster over Christmas, ensuring that he gets the right aesthetic and feel he desires for his salon. 

Reverse of the business cards, as mentioned above.

Important contact details incase of cancellation, enquiry etc and address needed to be included.

Inside of the price list. A 30% opacity has been used on the stock background so the price list doesn't look stark inside. The client also wanted continuity throughout as much as possible.

The client also asked for a colour test card, which can be perforated, i.e. one copy for the salon, and one for the client, as a disclaimer with details of the insurance firm the salon will use. He asked for this to be as simple as possible. The images below show the front and back of the card.

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