Friday, 10 January 2014


Eclettico Branding & Identity Evaluation:

I was asked by a client (my hairdresser in Doncaster, James Pratt) to re-design the branding for the hair salon, The Beauty Boutique that he is shortly taking over and re-opening under a new, fresh and eclectic identity.

The client asked for a logo, business/appointment card, price list and colour test cards to be designed, with a fresh, bold and eye-catching approach to design. I have also been asked to design a poster for the salon in a digital collage aesthetic, so this is the direction I took the branding in.

I feel this is one of my strongest skill sets, and thoroughly enjoyed working with this approach to design. Contact was made via email and telephone when necessary, and the client was updated throughout the process. A quote for commercial printing has also been given to the client along with the digital files.

James also sent a testimonial and review over to me, which has also been documented throughout this project. The client was very happy with the outcome, as am I and I feel this is one of the stronger pieces of branding and identity I have produced.

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