Friday, 10 January 2014


Parentheses, Further Proposals:

Rather than proposing very specific elements, I would like to propose this restaurant and bar concept as a chain, and triple the amount of print/digital media that is available. This would consist of:

Downloadable App – Would contain takeaway menu and online ordering/booking services as well as restaurant menus and information.

Gourmet Take-Away – Gourmet take-away packaging and advertising.

Delivery Cars – Branded with logo, or relative imagery.

Spin-Off British Deli – Delicatessen where British meats and cheeses etc can be bought. Would come in gourmet packaging, with algebraic tracing paper/tissue paper wrapping and stickers. 

Loyalty Cards, Vouchers, Promotional Media

Children's Menu and Maths Books (Similar to child activity packs)

National Advertising Campaigns

Press Ads

I would like to think I can think ambitiously with this proposal rather than proposing branded wine bottles, which would of course be considered and included anyway. I envision the mathematical restaurant to be a novelty as well as a bar and grill, and could expand in the future, allowing for a further scope of design.

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