Sunday, 26 January 2014



After being a fan of English Literature I decided to chose this brief, as I wanted to expand the range of design briefs selected across this module. I found the Penguin Design Award brief rather interesting, and enjoyed the openness of the brief, allowing a very creative response to be created as a solution.

I feel one of my strengths across this module is my ability to manage time and projects to a high level, and remain meticulously organised, allowing for a quicker turn around time, as well as the ability to carry out several briefs at once. Both of these things I feel I have reflected through this brief from start to finish.

I researched the novel and the context surrounding the book before creating a design solution, to allow syntheses between the design proposed and the idea behind it, as well as allowing for a better design. I found the social, cultural and political themes most interesting and engaging. This was the direction chosen for the design, as well as reflecting 1980s Britain, a key theme running throughout.

I have created a design which I am happy with and feel confident to propose this to Penguin's design team, and judges. I feel the design aesthetic chosen is unusual, and with contemporary collage is appearing more and more it would be a great addition to the shelves.

Not only that, the design is eye catching, thought provoking and reflects the contextual elements of the book, as well as reflecting elements from within the storyline throughout the visual elements creating a visual link for the reader to relate too.

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