Saturday, 4 January 2014


My client is currently working at The Hair Boutique, which he is taking over, around March time, and reopening under new management, new branding and a new name. The location and premises will remain the same. 

When I visited the salon to ask questions for the written brief, i.e. requirements, any aesthetic requests, I also took their two items of physical branding - a price list, and a business card, turned appointment card.

The branding for this salon is much more sterile than the eclectic look which my client is wanting for his own branding and has asked me to stay away from using block colours, such as black which is seen below, as a deep fill on the background on the front of the printed ephemera. 

At first glance as well, it is possible to see 2 logos the 'HB' merged into one letter, on the top left, and "the hair boutique" which is in a more decorative, serif type. Personally, I found the use of two logos very confusing, however whilst researching the exiting brand, I came across the logo 'HB' being used on LinkedIn for an alumni page of LCA. This turns out this logo in the corner, is in fact the logo of the designer, not the salon. 

The designer, used to go to Leeds College of Art and graduated in 2011 with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design. 

The price list and business card featured the necessary information such as service and cost, time and date of appointment, phone number and address. The reverse with a more neutral cream background works much better than the black background shown above. Below also shows the structure of the pricing which is very straight forward and easy to read. These basic design features/elements need to be carried through to the fresh branding as the client has specified. 

- - - -

The salon do not currently have a website, and the client hasn't stated any desire for doing so imminently, however would consider it in the future. The current FB page is said to be taken over and re-worked with fresh branding to keep clients in the loop of the takeover and new, replacement salon, with the same head stylist.

The imagery used below for the profile picture should be brightened up however and given more reflection of a hairdressers, with a more apt colour scheme.

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