Saturday, 11 January 2014


Working from design sheets and online research, I found a vector image which could be used to gain basic shape for the diamond. This would then be deleted once I have a basic structure to work with.

An image chosen was then placed behind the diamond, and using the pen tool, I drew over the diamond creating geometric shapes, which could then be turned into clipping masks. The overall idea being that the clipping masks form a diamond, reflecting Lorde's personality, style and heritage through each different shape. The diamond will be a simpler version of the one shown above taken from Google images for reference purposes.

As clipping masks were made from the imagery taken from Lorde's and my personal Tumblr account, the shape could be moulded, being more stern and angular than the one being worked from.

As shown above, elements of the stock photo have been missed out, making the diamond a more illustrative and straight forward shape to work with and view.

As all the geometric shapes were filled in, the diamond vector was deleted and the shapes were carefully re-sized and moved where needed to create a polished and aesthetically pleasing collaged image. This can then be applied to a canvas of the specific size 182mm x 182mm with 3mm bleed, and backgrounds/adding elements/filters can be worked with.

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