Thursday, 30 January 2014


Whilst researching Vogue over the past couple of days, I have taken different directions in topics and have gained a wide perspectives of topics which could be looked further into.

At the moment I haven't noticed many cultural shifts across the different international editions which I find is quite surprising. And whilst looking through my own 200+ international editions have found a tremendous amount of advertising keeping the magazine a float, showering the reader with luxury which is more often than not unattainable. This issue has been touched briefly with Scott King's alternative, real life typography based covers which show how this topic is seen by the reader at times. 

I also found that each Vogue doesn't tend to change Fashions relative to country which is surprising.

Whilst researching at the back of my mind has also been the outcome of the brief and which direction I would like to take it, the list I have currently created is listed below:

- Extra edition for an unpublished country/region (An introduction to)
- A more cultural edition for UK, Russia, India, China, Japan or Thailand. (A history of)
- A global edition (A history of)
- An edition with no advertising. 
- A cover for every nation - typographic/type and image - reflecting culture and fashion of that country. (An exhibition of)
- A UK edition for the high street fashions. (An introduction to)

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