Tuesday, 28 January 2014


After experimentation with type and different quotes/phrases I settled on the quote "Only God Forgives" and drew out the quote with 3 different types of font - serif, sans serif and italic/script.

Below shows the hand rendered quote when scanned in to be digitally manipulated.

At first the type was very basic and blocked, however extra decorative features and shading were adding to lift the different types of body copy off the page. I am happy with the type created, I feel the Serif particularly is sharp, and opted for a more handwriting style of type for "forgives" whilst "GOD" remains bold and in capitals for emphasis.

I will now upload this image into photoshop, sharpen the overall type and remove the background, so background images and textures can be experimented with. I would like to photo/texture in the background to reflect the phrase in someway whether this be subtly or rather more in your face.

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