Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Initial Ideas on theme/quote.

As originally mentioned on my context of practice blog I was originally going to work on the quote "a lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep" however once I began working with digital type as a foundation (which can be seen below) I realised the quote was quite lengthy and hard to work with a variation of typefaces. 

I decided to then change the quote being worked with, and decided to choose "Only God Forgiving" a movie title and a phrase which allows more playfulness, creativity and concept to be added to expand the brief, and make it even more interesting. I would really like to win a competition and feel something sharp, snappy and to the point is most appropriate. As the image is to be laid over a photo, or be featured in a photo, it is also important to keep the quote concise and to the point. 

Working on digital type with Abril Fat Face Regular.

I feel the quote I was originally working with, has more impact as a digital quote, opposed to hand rendered type.

I then began drawing an entire new quote for experimentation with hand lettered type in order to gain more practice and become better at the craft which many typographers thrive off. Hand lettered type hasn't been my strongest skill within Graphic Design and this is something I would like to work on more in the future.

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