Tuesday, 28 January 2014


As experimentation I decided to laser cut the 'only god forgives' hand lettered type to see what a different aesthetic outcome arises. As I had never laser cut before, I was lucky to have two third years, David and Nigel around who were happy to show me which settings were cut through/engrave etc. I found the process overall quick and easy and is something I will definitely use again. 

However, during the laser cutting process, the type needed to be changed slightly so it would cut through without the counters falling out. This was resolved by placing a white line through the appropriate counters to ensure these were laser cut properly. This particular process took three attempts which different thicknesses running through the letters as they kept snapping off when the mount board was removed from the laser cutter. 

Mount board was also used to ensure sturdiness, whilst allowing the laser cut type to be used as a shadow cast or stencil.

Setting up the laser cutter.

Mount board being lasered. Very exciting!

Instructions and experiments showing the different settings of the laser cutter. 

More up close photos of the laser cutting machine and the mount board being cut.


As you can see on the two examples above, the counters have fallen through, and needs to be re-cut with counters for clarity and readability of letters, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.

Off-cuts and what you can do with them. Some lovely "love forgives" signs were made out of the type samples left over.

Successful laser cut type.

Photos of successful type below.

As a shadow-cast/stencil - above and below.

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