Friday, 3 January 2014


Cath Kidston's Leeds branch is located on Lands Lane, in the city centre. I decided to conduct some primary research, by collecting research from the store, and talking to the staff members. I asked the manager if photos could be taken inside, to which they said no too, however were happy to me in other ways, and gave me a few bits to help with my primary research - these can be shown below; fabric, and wallpaper samples/info book, as well as a book about the brand, the design process and it's comeuppance over the years. I was most thankful and had time to ask questions as the store was rather quiet.

Exterior.. Vinyl sale stickers on the windows, will simple window dressing and the traditional blue, red and logo shown throughout the interior also. The exterior is much more aesthetically traditional than other high street stores.

Samples and freebies relating to Cath Kidston and the existing conversational prints.

'The home of modern vintage' is relayed throughout their branding, and is displayed on their homeward guide.

'Coming up Roses' the book featuring stories on design, concept and the company. I feel as though this will be extremely useful for both research and the design/practical stages of this brief.

As stated above, I had time to ask the staff questions regarding the brand and the target audience. I explained the brief and the target audience to the member of staff I was speaking to in the home ware department, and she stated that the main range of customers is between 14-70 in this branch from those who they deal with on a daily basis, and thought 29 was too specific, but agreed with other aspects such as the heritage ideas, branding, and the interests, hobbies and lifestyles of the target audience, whilst reassuring me a varied audience is most common, especially towards Christmas.

I also explained the concept I had in mind, and she thought the idea of weather and festivals is a new, fresh take on the target audience as well as refreshing the existing prints. 

I asked how the prints are currently designed, i.e. hand drawn or digitally rendered, and she explained how they are all hand worked first, before being digitally manipulated and finished.

I found the trip very beneficial and I was really happy with the feedback and knowledge I left with, which I feel will help with the remainder of this brief.

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