Saturday, 15 February 2014


At this stage of designing the mock-up booklet, I wrote up an accurate list of content per page, in order to know which elements to re-look at on my context blog, as well as allowing me to see other areas of research which need to be undertaken to carry out this brief to it's full potential. With the content list shown below though I feel I may have to alter some layouts in order to fit all of the information on without taking away anything of crucial importance. 

Content Lists:

Pages 2-3, 4-5:

Using the research collected and the further in depth topics/issues to research at hand, I began placing some of the content into the booklet to gage how much room I have for change and for the information to be placed. The grid structure allowed for the correct alignment of facts and figures, which made it easy to do then for the rest of the info on the double page spread. This can be seen below and will be continued throughout the booklet.

Facts and figures placed on the left, and countries listed on the right for the word assoc. game (above).

An introduction, history and further in depth information on the brand (left) and it's rise to the top on the right (below).

Information regarding the article is placed under the title with a gap between the main body copy. I have chosen a small selection of typefaces to use which I feel reflect the content, magazine and brand well, as well as using their photography to reflect key elements throughout. 

Circulation dates added.

Captions added in a small pt size at the side of images.

I noticed on the last development post, when I printed off a copy of the layout so far to look at and analyse, that I actually only had 14 double page spreads of content, opposed to the limit which is 16. 

To fill this space, I added a double page spread on Social Responsibility through Vogue and their publishing house Conde Nast. I felt this was appropriate with the events, exhibitions and fashion issues raised as well as looking more into their softer, charitable aside opposed to fashion stats and figures, based on sales and monetary value of goods.

Whilst adding content the layout of this page changed in terms on image and text placement.

The last 2 pages, to be designed, which will be the centrefold of the booklet, features 24/26 International Vogue covers, showcasing the differences between countries, language, colour, type and pattern as well as the models and fashions chosen. 

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