Thursday, 13 February 2014


Based on our initial research prior to the crit, Sam and I made some notes on Al Gore videos we were watching together, trying to find a further route and focus within the carbon emissions driven brief. We hoped this would lead us to further ideas, concepts and inspiration.

From this we came up with an idea based on dot to dot, and that we are the dots connecting a bigger picture, using heat/light sensitive inks to create two messages in one, or a message which reveals an answer or something we can do to change our actions. We feel at the moment something simple and easy is the direction to be taken forward as the brief is heavily contextual.

Dot to dot.

Impact on our lives - possible route?

Further details on dot to dot idea and what outcomes would be produced as part of the design campaign. These are shown below.

At the moment we are currently still deciding on a target audience, and this is down to us and will be differntiated by the brief and direction chosen. Possible options based on our secondary research to date can be seen below. From this Sam will look into the target audiences more, whilst I will look into existing global warming and climate change campaigns.

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