Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Sam and I met up today discuss the start points for the WPP D&AD brief we will be completing and submitting for the collaborative part of the responsive module.

The first stage after deciding on a brief, was to research key topics we felt the brief dictated relevant and was appropriate for successful completion.

Below shows our notes/thought process for the starting phase/research phase of this brief.

We decided to create a research list, to work through ourselves independently looking at the following topics we felt were most appropriate from out global warming brain storm which can also be shown on the notes scanned in.

Sam chose to research:

- Al Gore & Contextual Information
- Lord Kitchener & Propoganda
- Existing Global Warming Campaigns

I will research:

- Global Warming & Carbon Emissions
- Global Audience
- WPP & Case Studies (previous wpp campaigns)

We decided to split this into creative/factual research topics to give more focus to our independant research.

Research can be seen on my design context blog.

For Thursday's session we are aiming to have:

- A re-written brief
- An idea/concept
- 6 Reseach boards from research collected
- Filled in collaborative roles sheet for Fred

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