Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Today we had an interim crit for the 505 Study Task 1, whereby our research booklets and corresponding mockups/nets were looked at by other students and tutors to gain constructive feedback.

I felt the crit ran smoothly and I managed to ask questions about the booklet which I was unsure about. These were:

- Which style slipcase is most preferable/suitable to the Vogue brand?
- A4 or A5 format?
- Binding technique? Stapled or Coptic Bound?
- Does it look like a Vogue magazine 'style' layout?

I received my feedback sheet and typed up the comments. These are shown below:


- Interesting back page, really sets the scene
- I like the Vogue cover, it's very striking - bind is off so middle pages aren't aligned (this is something I was aware of prior to the crit, however didn't feel new mock-ups were needed to show layout and overall design ideas).
- Slipcases - corporate and westernised design, with a smart, sleek aesthetic (black vinyl, on black stock). Appropriate globally and at any time of year, whilst gold stock is more seasonal
- Like the headings on the top of each page giving direction
- Well executed mock ups and good range as well
- Black on black slip case is the best and reflect's Vogue's aesthetic and branding
- I like the layout, interesting and appropriate as well as the imagery
- Stock feels appropriate and feels good to touch
- Good use of grid and structure 

Areas for Improvements:

- Point size and packaging size - need confirming to the finalised scale
- Prefer the A5 size publication however as already discussed point size to be increased
- A5.5 Size will work best, being half way between A4 and A5 - will also fix problem of point size
- "aResponsibility" - a space?
- Too many typefaces?
- Some images are pixilated - consider resolution
- 1st page title bleeds into header, point size is quite small, may need to move further down as "anIssue" gets cut off.


- Point size - scale magazine to between A4 & A5. The type would be more readable and legible.
- Perhaps consider less amount of typefaces in publication
- Type of "luxury stats" is the only different typeface, it could be the same as "a history, 122 years of fashion"
- 'Taking it further' could also be changed to "issues and criticisms"

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I feel that the feedback given was very successful and answered all of my posing questions. Points such as increasing the point size slightly and suggesting a slightly bigger size for the booklet would enhance the layout and overall design. Comments made on pixilated images were also appreciated as this is something I'd recently missed. I received really good feedback about the layout and the slipcase, stating high quality mock ups had been brought to the table. With the help of my fellow students I resolved issues such as format and the aesthetic of the slipcase to be used, as well as deciding to go with the hand-stitched coptic binding. 

There is one point which I disagreed with however, which was no spacing between "anIssue" for example. This was purposely done, as this is adapted from existing Vogue layouts and remains to be a common feature they still use today.

Points of Action:

- Size and format
- Point size in relation to scale of final outcome
- Slip case to be re-sized and re-designed.
- Alter typefaces throughout, ensuring more continuity throughout  the layout design
- Check images for pixilation and alter accordingly
- Add page numbers
- Add barcode
- Contents page?

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