Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I was asked by 3rd year Graphic Design student and friend at LCA, David Gaskell into collaborating with him towards a pitch and proposal for the marketing team for the End of Year show branding, theme, concept, way-finding and further promotional content.

This will be the biggest and most 'real' brief I will of worked on with very stringent and close deadlines, which require tremendous amounts of work.

After a discussion of the brief listed below, we came up with an idea and names we wanted to work with - Bit by Bit, or The Big Picture. We wan't to create a campaign for marketing which is driven, diverse and adaptable from Blenheim/Vernon St, as well as adaptable to each course participating in the show whilst standing out, being different and providing a solid, strong concept.

The idea is to create iconography and type through imagery and colour, reflecting the mosaic tile used for college branding as well as reflecting those who are graduating. The overall picture is that type/image up-close are recognisable as individual elements and further away reflect 'the bigger picture'.

This will allow iconography to be used for way-finding systems also.

A re-written brief can be also seen below.

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