Friday, 21 February 2014


After creating nets and packaging for the booklet based on my 3 initial ideas, I chose to develop the slipcase idea more, as I felt this was the most appropriate out of the 3 when mocked-up and looked elegant and smart. Ahead of the crit I wanted to produce more variations with different stocks and features to allow better feedback as well as having a better understanding the production and possibilities which can be undertaken using different processes. 

Below shows the net for the slipcase, with cut out arcs at the top to allow the booklet to be easily removed. The solid lines represent cuts and the dashed lines represent perforated edges for the flaps on the net. Once cut it will then be folded in half and positioned in place.

The 'V' above will be cut out of gold, glitter substrate, whilst below will be cut out of black vinyl, the same method and aesthetic as shown on the previous mock-ups, giving a spot varnish finish.

Die-cut and folded net. Die-cutting was used to ensure straight lines, accurate measurements and perforation.

Close-cups of perforations on folds.

Cut out Vogue 'V' used below on front of the slipcase, as well as the issue in black vinyl.

I feel the overall aesthetic is elegant, smart and appropriate for Vogue and the research booklet.

Die-cutting the net (shown above) with finished gold glitter and black vinyl slipcase is shown below. Elegant, smart, classy, expensive, luxurious and appropriate for Vogue and their brand, especially basing this on a special edition issue.

I feel these two mock-ups of packaging are the most appropriate so far, and I am looking forward to receiving feedback on all the ideas for the booklet itself and the packaging in the crit. I am hoping that the crit will give feedback on format, aesthetic and type choices.

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