Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Vinyl Stickers:

For the cover, which will be covered with silver holographic vinyl, on both front and back, digitally or screen printing won't absorb into the stock and will simply rub off.

To solve this problem, I decided to laser cut the logo, which is much more appropriate for Jade's personality and fashions. 

Below are the 6 logos to be cut out of black vinyl using an A3 piece.

Below shows a pdf of the layout to date, as well a photographs of the mock-up look book which has been printed and bound. 

Below shoes the process of binding the mock-up to show my client.

You can see on the prints of the imagery/layout for the interior content which appears quite dull. This is due to my laser printer running out of black toner, so until it arrives I had to make do with the laser printer.

The paper used was 160gsm IQ White Stock, and below shows the glossy Epson stock to be used for the final booklets, giving a more magazine style, high end and high gloss finish, whilst adding extra impact and pop of the images.

Coptic bound using spray mount. Single back to back pages were glued together to ensure that the double spreads. 

To add support to the spine when binding, a paper cover was added for strength.

The images shown don't pop with colour due to being printed on an ink jet printer. The laser printer when fixed will print will print much clearer and brighter, due to the ink being sat on top of the substrate, rather than being absorbed into the stock. 

On the final versions I will trim the holographic vinyl so only white stock is seen on the opening/closing pages.

The images and book have been shown to the client, and some higher resolution images have been given to me for the final copies which will be bound tighter and more securely reducing the bulkiness of the look book mock-up.

4 Final copies will be produced for the client, until she wants to take it into further production.

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