Thursday, 20 February 2014


Below shows the production of the mock-ups needed for the crit. The booklet and packaging mock-ups will also be made.

Three booklets were printed in different formats, on different stocks, and bound in different ways, as well as each being bound separately to gain a wider variation to talk about to discuss during the crit to receive the best feedback and possible direction to package to booklet. 

A5 Portrait - Hand Stitched, Laser Printed, 120gm
A5 Portrait - Stapled, Laser Printed, 90gsm
A4 Portrait - Coptic Bound, Binding Tape, Ink Jet Printed, 90gsm.

I have chosen these formats and binding techniques due to being the most commonly used for magazine design, especially such as Vogue, and it is important I feel to main image and continuity throughout both the booklet and the packaging.

When printing the booklets, due to not having facilities to a duplex printer, it proved difficult ensuring that the paper is turned the right way to avoid double printing, or printing upside down. After around 10 attempts, and marking pages for clarity helped and became a quick and easy process then for the subsequent mock-ups. 

Once the mock-ups had been printed, and bound, it was then possible to work out the nets for the packaging much more simply. Mock-ups (not to scale) were produced, to demonstrate different approaches to printing, binding and finishing processes such as laser cutting and die-cutting. I also want to try screen printing again throughout this brief, however I am reluctant to use a process which isn't used throughout the magazine at hand itself, and feel this could be adapted through packaging in some way instead of the packaging. This will also be mentioned in the crit. I feel it is important for the packaging to look expensive, high quality and luxurious. 

Die-cutting was used to make the vinyl logos and stickers for the mock-up packaging. The Vogue logo can be seen being cut above.


Positive and Negative Vinyl outcome. The reason I chose to use black vinyl, was because on matte black stock, it appears spot varnished, and is cheap yet looks expensive and effortless. 

Experimenting die-cutting for a gatefold folder, as seen in the initial ideas. The depth of the blade wasn't deep enough so several attempts were made. Size and placement were also fractionally altered, as well as placement when cut on silver mirri card.

Net for slipcase.

Close-up of spot varnish style vinyl, on a slipcase package.

Several finishing processes were use for this mock-up. Above shows an off-centre gate-fold case for the booklet, which has been adapted and developed from the previous design shown above on black card. The silver card is 250gsm mirri stock, which was ordered online. I felt it was expensive looking and reflecting luxury of the brand. 

The logo has been die-cut, and the triangle is a vinyl sticker.

Inside the package is lined with black matte paper, and holds a hand stitched research booklet. 

Close-up of die-cutting.

Considering stitching the booklet into the packaging also, but this is yet to be decided, as the sticker wouldn't last forever. An alternate fastening would be needed.

Coptic binding has been used here, using A3 Landscape spreads, to form an A4 Portrait booklet, keeping true to the standard magazine format and conventions. Binding tape was also added to the spine to hide the edges of the spreads and add security to the booklet or magazine. Printed on a laser printed, on glossy stock the colours would pop and the aesthetic would be sharper. 
Hand-stitched binding.

A stapled version was also mocked up however I feel it looks cheap, flimsy and not appropriate at all for the topic chosen.

Below shows a net of a gift bag I drew up - the dotted lines are to be perforated, and the solid lines are to be cut by a die cutter. The mock-up is not to scale.

Close-up of die-cutting used throughout, gives a much smarter, cleaner and quality finish than applying this process by hand.

Close-ups of built gift-bag and holographic vinyl used as an alternative to black for the logo.

I am going to continue creating mock-us and experimenting with further design ideas/developments and processes to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for both the booklet and the packaging. I am hoping to gain constructive feedback also in the crit next week to take the packaging further especially.

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