Wednesday, 19 February 2014


As the brief states, along with the research book, to be created and developed via mock-ups and crafting, it is also stated that 3 types of packaging are necessary along with nets. I have come up with three basic ideas to work from and develop further. The topic of research has been International Vogue, and has Vogue does not come packaged, unless occasionally with a belly band to hold additional supplements, this left a wide range of available options. However being a luxury, high-end magazine the choice of packaging and aesthetic route taken need to correspond accordingly, as well as with the brand and the research book. This will make it more challenging, however I want to develop my skills regarding book binding, hand stitching and finishing processes to give a high-quality finish. This will be developed and experimented with through mock-ups and net development, as well as research.

The first 3 ideas presented below, which I am going to use as starting points to work on and expand from. They are;

An Envelope - Mimicking subscription editions and the idea of receiving a luxury gift.
Gatefold Folder Style - Holds the magazine inside, and is supported by tabs at the top and the bottom.
Slip Case - Allows for secure, strong support for the booklet, as well as allowing for storage. With this many additional aesthetic ideas can be used, i.e. die-cutting.

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