Monday, 10 February 2014


After finishing the main layout of the pages, filled with place holder text, I printed off the double page spreads to scale, to see if photos and/or type need re-sizing or moving, as well as getting a better view of how the pages look and read. 

From carrying out this process, I noticed that most of the type throughout used for the body copy needs reducing in size vastly, which will also allow for more content.

I also noticed the lack of page numbers and additional details such as sub headers, additional type on the cover and overall scale/format. Overall a beneficial process which allowed me to progress and develop the layout composition and structure much better than working digitally.

Below are scans of each double page spread with annotations of changes. I also noticed how I have 14 double pages, not 16, so there is room for one more to be added allowing extra creativity and content to be portrayed through the research book.

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