Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Below shows more mind maps in relation to the idea of the research book, and the focus of the rest of my research. 

I have been particularity interested in the cultural changes between countries and how these are/n't reflected through Vogue. Modern fashion magazines show a little variation across high-end fashion across countries, and feel that traditions and cultural attire have been lost along the way of modern luxuries and advertising. I want to research more into each countries traditional and current fashions to see how they are represented through Vogue, and if they are shying away from appealing to another audience entirely - those who still follow traditions.

I don't feel there is enough cultural change across issues, and this can be seen through my research and looking through past editions for primary research. It seems traditions are touched upon, but not dedicated to fashion anymore. Also due to controversial issues such as the Burka, Vogue have touched upon this editorially but will not advertise this through their magazine, even though for some countries that is tradition and their fashion. Buy why do Vogue decide to look past fashion related and social issues, for the need to publish Prada.

I want to explore each countries traditional fashions, and explore how this would affect vogue, in terms of target audience, popularity, costs, statistics, etc if they were thoroughly popularised and not hidden by luxury and lavishly expensive goods in each issue. 

I have always been a fan of Vogue, its a dream magazine which some readers will only ever aspire to be, however I find it really interesting how they portray a vision of this for every country they publish into.

Here I started making notes on traditional fashions, trends, or accessories relating to each country which Vogue publish Int'l editions for, as a starting point for further research.

Topics and route of research for book.

Page plan for the research book, giving a basic structure and content list to work with initially, whilst designing/researching.

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