Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Below are the outcomes to the one day brief.

The PDF of the inDesign document created during the session is shown below, along with additional changes which were later added. 

I am happy with the minimal design for the concertina booklet, I feel it is fresh, minimal and clean cut allowing minimal type and imagery to stand out and speak. I feel I have used hierarchies with type, and guides the reader across the spreads through the layout and flow. 

I decided to adapt the leaflet design into a poster also, which is seen below.

- - - -

Once I had completed the digital design process I wanted to test the design when printed, and produced a mock-up of both the leaflet and the brochure. 

Photos of both can be seen below.

When I was printing the mock-up out I discovered that the back cover was on the wrong side, and should be swapped with the right hand side image (this can be seen on the digital version above). When printed it made it easier to notice any visible mistakes such as this which is harder to work out on screen, as well as checking type legibility, readability, and the overall layout design.

I would like to further expand this mini-project, and create tickets, private invitations and a web mock-up to show a broad range of skills as well as showing how I can adapt to set briefs and challenges.

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