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Following a previous blog post with an article showing similarities in past and present Vogue covers internationally. The aim of the article was to show 'recycling' of cover layouts and guidelines.

I wanted to research into this myself, so looked for appropriate covers to compare - 2 similar covers for several countries to gain a better understanding of their design and thought process.

Vogue Australia:

Below shows two Australian Vogue covers, (left, 2008 - right 2013) each are very similar with layout, colour and image position. Firstly, the colour scheme is comparably the same, the main colours used are pink and black, with the pink being use in two very slightly different tones. The type placement is exactly the same on each cover, from the headline placement aligned bottom right. The sub headers remain the same also in placement from the colour, with the only difference being the typefaces used, which reflect the different fashions being reflected through the context and visual aesthetic. The photographs used are also similar in the central positioning, hair colour, whilst the model is touching her hair in both images. Being several years apart it is interesting to see how the layout remains virtually the same, and appears re-used and much fresher, with the additional of the purple type, and decorative typeface.

Source: right left

Vogue Britain:

As mentioned above with Vogue Australia, Britain have also refreshed existing covers. Issues with Helen Bohan Carter (July) and Claire Danes (Nov) have been collected and again are around 2 years apart. The colour scheme remains in tact with similar use of typefaces, with body copy headers/sub headers being in the same position. The images have changed more dramatically than in the previous analysis, but similarities can be seen instantly. 

Source: left right

Vogue France:

The two French Vogue covers below are a decade apart, with the left issue being published in the '90s, and the right issue being much more recent. Inspiration for the new cover has obviously been taken from the older, more unusual, minimal and grunge cover. The same typeface has been used consistently along with very similar placement. The images themselves are both reflective of them, with the images placed behind the 'Vogue' logo where the 'g' normally frames the models face, with photographic focus on arm position and the face/eyes. Really love these covers, I feel they are much more powerful visually and appear less commercial.

Source: left right

Vogue Mexico:

Again the colour scheme and layout are mirrored between the two covers, left 2012 and right 2007 are considerably similar. Photography is virtually the same, whilst colour remains unchanged. The use of the black and red logo/edition are exactly the same from cover to cover. The same typefaces and positioning are exactly the same, with different content.

Source: left right

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