Sunday, 9 February 2014



Designing the cover, was an interesting one. After researching the layout of Vogue, I knew what was required - logo, imagery, header/sub-header, month, price and barcode (to be added). The imagery chosen I am not too sure on for the final booklet, however temporarily for the mock-up it shows how the cover can look like a real Vogue magazine with the right type, placement and imagery. I want the cover to represent the brand without detracting from the content or the topic at hand.

Page 8 & 9:

Luxury facts and statistics.
Target Audience.

2-Column type blocks were added to the top left page, placing the header below for a change in aesthetics.

On the right hand side, being inspired by the Vogue layouts I had previously looked at for primary research, decided to collage the whole page behind the type.

Close-ups of Images. Imagery used was from different countries published, reflecting different fashion traditions and cultures.

Type added to the finished layout for the 'word association game' which will challenge the reader on the links between country and traditional dress.

Page 12 & 13:

Fashion related issues and fashion related events were covered across this double page spread, allowing room to showcase alternate points of view such as the Scott King exhibition and the reaction from the public when taboo issues are raised. A more serious, structured and gridded layout.

Page 14 & 15:

Final double page spread, showcasing international photography and style. The type placements are where the final analysis, facts, and comparisons for example are noted.

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