Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I created an app for the brief also, showing how the concept and idea would work across a different range of media, including print and web.

The app designed is targeted at our target audience children, and aims to educate, entertain and inform the user through a series of games and activities, using digital versions of the design elements created for the pack. This adds continuity as well as a link across different media platforms. The app would not be responsive due to the large elements, and would be used in landscape format.

Shown below is a mock-up of the proposed app which would have the following contents:

- Landing Page/Home Page
- About/Intro to Global Warming
- Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle (when the puzzle is solved a message is revealed)
- Interactive Flash Cards (with activities including 'how can you help?' and 'which illustrations do you recognise?)
- Glossary (Global warming and associated key words)
- Q&A
- Notes
- Links to website

Close-up of the app, with the flash cards to the right which change when the left/right arrows are pressed. On the left is a notes section which allows type to be placed when pressed, and above are several questions and activities which can be relayed through the contents of the app.

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