Thursday, 20 March 2014


The Kapferer Theory showcases a brand identity diagrammatically as 6-sided prism. After introducing this in a previous post I wanted to try and place the brand values for MONO into the Prism. I really want to understand the brand I am creating inside out before developing any design ideas to ensure this is shown through the branding and identity.


Physique - Basis of the brand.
Relationship - Between the consumer and the brand.
Reflection - The consumers opinion on the brand and it's standards.


Culture - Symbolises the organisation, country-of-origin, and the values it stands for.
Consumer Metallisation - What the consumer thinks of him/herself.
Personality - Asks the question, "what happens to this brand when it becomes a person?"

Applied to the brand concept proposed:


Physique - Logo, Monochrome, Typography, Structure/form, Clothes.
Relationship - Value, High-end, High-quality.
Reflection - Trust, Luxury, Class, Sophistication.


Culture - Key, statement pieces. High quality ethos to a high-end luxury brand.
Consumer Metallisation - Superior, Dominant, Fashionable.
Personality - Sophisticated, Smart, Managerial, Authoritarian.

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