Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I began working on the main branded elements to any brand, looking at the stationary aspect of things. I started with business cards to ensure the main branding was covered so this could be applied to the other following design elements. I used the monochrome images which were taken in Roundhay Park. I used selected images which reflected femininity, structure and natural form. I experimented with several variations of the logo playing with both a black and white logo, and placed contact details along with a contrasting, smaller logo followed by the contact details for MONO. 

I felt the first (above 4) business card designs were the most effective. I don't feel it is necessary for a luxury brand to showcase clothes on every element of the brand, as other visuals can speak equally as loudly about the ideology and concept behind the brand. The simplicity of this side of the business cards leaves intrigue also for the consumer, as well as relaying a high-end, expensive and luxury brand.

Above: This will be the back of the business cards, showing very similar information as the look book poster/information insert.

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