Friday, 28 March 2014


To add further depth and detail to the brand, I decided to design smaller elements also which complement the previous works created and the upcoming ones also. A coat hanger has been designed which will be laser cut out of 5mm black acrylic. The hanger shows the MONO logo cut out between the edges. 

Above shows a further element which has been designed, changing room tags. The store would be high-end in terms of interior as previously mocked up, and would feature a changing room attendant to look after the customer and advise on sizes, colour and associative products. Rather than having a tag with a number, as seen in high street stores, I wanted to replicate the clothes hanger idea, which simply features the logo. This as seen above, would be cut out of acrylic again and held on either edge where the tiny holes are placed, with a thin, sleek silver chain, which would be simply placed over the door handle to ensure privacy remains, yet in a subtle and high-end manner.

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