Tuesday, 11 March 2014


After the crit Sam and I decided to work through the issues which needed to be addressed.

I took it upon myself to re-work the flash cards and colouring sheets, such as changing the typefaces back to the original typeface used for the body copy Helvetica, and altering the tone of voice. The object at hand on the flash cards was changed to the font used for the logo, 'Blackout' to create a contrast between the information given and the topic for when the cards are being flicked through quickly.

The jigsaw also had a large grammatical error in the body copy which wasn't noticed in the crit.

Once changes had been made we decided to start printing elements out and put together the contents for the pack, which is to be photographed at college on Friday evening with the assistance of a 2nd year photography student, Becky. This was arranged by Sam to ensure the photographs produced show the concept and product proposals at their finest. 

As printing took place, final decisions regarding format and binding options for individual elements were discussed and resolved.

Below shows the jigsaw being die-cut after it had been printed onto thick, white card stock. Jigsaw pieces were aligned and placed within a box on the cutting software used, to ensure the jigsaw would cut out at the correct place. Below shows more close-up views of the jigsaw and how it has been die-cut.

Aside from the points raised in the crit, we needed to design the final net for the packaging for the individual elements to be placed in. We decided on a pizza style box, which will be A4 landscape when folded and closed, with individual sections inside for the elements to be placed in accordingly.

Sam drew out the net on illustrator to the correct dimensions, using the logo we had put together with a catchy caption summarising the concept/content. The box was printed on A2 double sided white card stock, ensuring sturdiness and strength. 

All stocks chosen are recyclable. 

We felt the box shown below looks effective whilst being simple in design and approach but fits the needs, designs and functionality needed to hold the contents accordingly.

However, we feel the slogan should be smaller, and the scoring lines on the inside, so this will be re-printed and re put together for the final product and photography shoot.



We also decided to use the marbling I did on the inside of the box creating a visually exciting aesthetic and contrast between the white stock based elements.

The image above shows the contents placed into the box, however there are 2 more posters to be printed yet and will be separate to the box. Stickers are the last thing to be produced before photography. All of the design elements fit in well, showing a contrast of colour too between the products/background.

The children's exercise and teachers guide has been hand stitched with green cotton to ensure continuity of colour and the youth design work and aesthetic chosen.

A6 Concertina booklet at mentioned below.

Whilst discussing the format and binding of the introductory leaflet I had designed for the kids to read, we decided instead of hand-stitching it like the other booklets included, to change the format to a concertina booklet which would be A6 format.

I re-worked the booklet to a new layout and format shown below, and when printed felt much more well-executed and 'polished' as a design, especially with changing the typeface selected for body copy back to Helvetica.

I also designed stickers to be added to the pack, 2 of the logo, several light switch stickers - 'turn me off' and 'save the world', as well as the SS (Small Seeds) stickers to hold the seed packets, jigsaw packet and flash cards firmly together. The same typeface 'Blackout' has been used to add continuity and black stickers have been made to add contrast so they can be easily read when stuck on a light switch. The idea behind these is to add extra encouragement and remind children and adults around the school/home to the turn lights off when they leave a room. 

I feel this week we have managed to pick up the speed of our work, and worked much more actively together, opposed to working individually on separate elements. We have managed to make decisions together, and plan on completing the final crafting and photography elements as a team. Overall I am really happy with how the project is coming together, as I was worried about the workload we had given ourself for this brief. We also decided to create an app and a website to show versatility of the concept and idea. I will be working on these over the next day or so to add to the design boards for submission next week.

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