Friday, 28 March 2014


The Location:

MONO would be location in an up-market, city centre location in London, whereby other high-end, luxury stores would also be positioned. I originally decided on and began using Oxford Street, due to its establishment and fast-paced sales, however once I researched more into this for the exterior and interior developments, I quickly realised it would not be the correct location for several reasons, as follows:

- Over populated
- Inappropriate target audience
- Surrounding stores may devalue the product and brand
- Tourist Area
- Unsuitable exterior/interior in terms of luxury

Due to the reasons listed, I searched for more primarily white painted stores/luxury stores in an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious environment. The 3 mock-ups below show potential for a simple exterior design. However, I would like to develop these ideas further as I do not feel it is just right at the moment. After carrying out further research on location also, I am going to research into Sloane St as a location and it's surrounding competing stores. This will help interior/exterior design, would be in a quieter, up market area with equally as expensive, if not more expensive surrounding stores appealing to the correct target audience I have set myself for this brief/brand.

Below are mockups showing the sharp, linear, structural and monochromatic design of the store interior. I really think the store interior reflects the brand and its values, as well as it's aesthetic values which have ran across other design elements throughout the brief so far. I am happy with the mockups below but think they could be manipulated more, and further worked for clarity and sharpness of the walls etc (as seen below - perhaps due to the brightness of the image??).

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