Monday, 24 March 2014


Below shows the peer feedback I received from the final crit for the responsive module. The session was ran by Fred, and allowed us to show all of the work we have completed for the module. I was looking forward to the crit and I knew I had quite a large range of work and a variety of briefs to show. My work was looked at by 2 groups, Sarah Heal and Danielle Harrison, and Sean Connolly and Dan Everitt. Sarah's and Danielle's feedback is written across two sheets due to the amount of work they gave feedback on.

I felt the feedback given was fair and appropriate, whilst being very positive. The only negatives were slight grammatical issues on odd boards, and the numbering of boards which had been slightly wrong for some briefs. I was happy it was noted I showed development and progress through boards as well as being clear and concise. I wanted to find out whether I had hit the necessary ILO's in order to pass the module and achieve a good grade, and I feel confident with my feedback that I have done so.

This leaves me with final changes to go over, ensuring everything is labelled, numbered and structured clearly and well for submission.

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