Tuesday, 25 March 2014


One of the set deliverables for this brief was a gift card and holder. After researching into different formats and designs, I decided to use the style of a slipcase to hold the gift card. I felt this was much more high-end and luxurious than a fold-out holder as seen often in high street chains such as Topshop. Below shows the net. On the outside will be the printed photograph, covered with matte vinyl which will have the logo die-cut, showcasing the imagery as type. I felt this was much more up-market and relevant for a slightly older target audience than high-street chains as well as being different in terms of format, style and overall aesthetic value.

A swipe area has been placed, as well as the necessary details including to, from, value, store location and contact details and card number. A web address will also be added to the back of the card. A card number has been placed to allow interactivity with online media. When ordering online the number written on the back will be the passcode to shop online with the gift card.

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