Thursday, 20 March 2014


Elements of luxury branding design taken from 'Graphic Design for Fashion' the book with analysis and notes. Primary research following secondary research into luxury fashion branding and identities.

Haute Couture Invitations - High-end, luxury aesthetic through use of printing and finishing techniques, as well as rich, bold colours. The attention to detail mimics that of the product range, i.e. clothes, bags etc, which are finished to a very high standard. The brand are a deeply luxurious and expensive brand which only the rich and famous can afford to buy, with each item of clothing being hand made. A variety of colour schemes also reflect seasonal invitations, i.e. S/S, A/W.

I really love the use of colour, embossing and die-cutting which adds further depth and intricacy to the layered, textured designs.

Rich, royal, wealth, extravagance, bespoke, bold, daring, established.

- - - -

I found the concept for the invitation above very interesting and unusual. The invitation is for a fashion presentation held at the Horticultural Society of New York. Bodkin design sustainably, allowing this to be shown through the compact, triangular invite, which acts as the packaging also for an air plant, correlating with the concept and location. Very luxurious, smooth, clean and sophisticated in terms of design and type choices. I really love the overall finish and aesthetic of the invitation and would encourage me to attend the show/find out more information about the brand at hand.

Clean, fresh, simplistic, contemporary, monochrome, youthful, sophisticated.

- - - -

Textiles and prints used relative to those used in the collections being represented.

Calendar of events on the right for the fashion industry - fold-out invitation.

The products created, i.e. press packs, and catwalk/presentation invites are all reflective of the colour and/or pattern used throughout that particular seasons collection. I really like the neutral colour scheme, with subtle tones of colour, along with type choices and print this allows the brand to speak for itself without using photographs. 

- - - -

Interactive look book allowing elements to be changed. A fun, youthful and colourful approach to a look book with an unusual twist. Lovely use of gradients complementing the clothes and type colour choices. I feel this look book reflects a more fun, youthful, contemporary brand appealing to those with a colourful and bubbly personality, opposed to a high-end luxury brand. 

Feminine, girly, bright, colourful, fun, interactive, playful, bold.

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