Friday, 14 March 2014


After going over my initial ideas and brain storms regarding the target audiences and possible ways to target these through Champneys I decided to focus the campaign, on a new line of products for younger skin types, as well as promoting these around the idea of pamper packs. 

Using the three main at home product lines which Champneys specialise in - beauty, body and skincare - three pamper packs will be designed and produced to promote the campaign. Each pack will include relevant product lines, creating a 'home spa' style session using the pamper packs. 

The target audience is 16-35, so students, university/college students, teenagers, and employed/unemployed females buying for herself, or as a gift. Younger target audiences are often more willing to buy an impulse purchase or a product focusing on aesthetic and value, so by placing smaller versions of new products in exciting girly packaging really feels like an appropriate method to promote Champneys. As an addition to the contents in the pack, to introduce customers to the website and the spa itself, a 50% spa treatment voucher would be included in each pack enticing and encouraging customers to visit. Ideally, friends would pack the packs separately and all use the products during a 'pamper night' or use the vouchers to visit the spa.

A website, stationary, products, packaging, informative ingredients leaflet, a Champneys Heath Spa voucher and advertisements will be designed to showcase the campaign for the themed 'Pamper Packs'. 

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