Sunday, 16 March 2014


An ingredients list has also been designed, as Champneys provide high, quality products. This also adds to the extend of applications the design, concept and aesthetics can be applied too. I feel it is important however to give a sense of quality and trust in the brand, even though it is now being targeted at a younger audience also. The format is A5 Portrait, folded vertically.

As well as promoting the Champneys products which can be used at home, it is important to promote the spa itself. However treatments can be costly especially for younger generations, i.e. students, who might want a treat, or a girls day out. To influence a visit to the spa and 50% off treatment voucher is included in each pack as a thankyou for purchasing the new collection of products and trying the brand. It also will help promote the idea of individual packs being bought for the voucher also so visits can be made in groups, or alone. This idea also would encourage a younger audience to buy into the brand. The design for this is seen below and will be folded like a concertina.

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