Wednesday, 26 March 2014


As with the business cards a simple approach to design, layout and grid were used to ensure a consistent design approach and aesthetic has been used throughout. This also ensures continuity through the branding elements. Different variations were brought together experimenting with layout, imagery and type setting. 

I chose the above 2 for the letterhead to go forward with from this point onwards as I felt the photographic border and type placement ensure structure and reinforce this element of the brand. The very bottom image would be the reverse of the letterhead, which would also act as an A4 fold-up poster. I feel the aesthetic of the above two reflects the brand and its values well, as well as showcasing the concept behind the brand well too.

- - - -

Below shows a net for an envelope which will hold the letterhead/business cards which would be sent to clients or out to the industry. 

The format is a landscape envelope which features a printed exterior, with a white space for the addressee and the logo placed in the bottom right hand corner. The placement and colour chosen for the logo depends on the format of the design element being considered at the time, as well as taking into consideration overall visual impact and the use across the other elements.

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