Wednesday, 5 March 2014


The presentation below shows the brand, product and the brand guidelines. 

As this was the first brand guidelines which we had put together individually or as a group. Amy and I put together the presentation shown below, with the guidelines, images, products and the brand manifesto which we had developed as group, and individually also.

For our first set of brand guidelines I feel we worked well to achieve a succinct, and concise presentation, which was delivered well and professionally. It is possible that we should of done more mock-ups of transport signage and uniform etc to tie the brand in slightly more tightly, however I think that we showed our brand, concept, tone of voice, and brand guidelines well through the products and mock-ups as well as the luxury undertone running throughout. However, in the time we had to complete this task, I feel we worked really well as a group, despite having one member missing at the beginning, and pulled together to complete a well-finished, and polished set of digital outcomes in relation to the set brief.

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