Monday, 3 March 2014


Flash Cards (Final) and Packaging Mock-Up:

After the crit, San and I took the advice and guidance given from fellow students, to help improve the contents we have currently deigned, and make them the most effective as possible when used.

I took it upon myself to sort out the flash cards and packaging for it, whilst Sam works on new content for the pack to help time, and workload between us both. Up until this point I feel like project has developed slowly up until this point, where by the design elements are starting to finally come together, look engaging and work as a pack.

We were advised in the crit to re look over the tone of voice, regarding the information being delivered, as well as considering type choices and point sizes, which needed to be changed to feel more child friendly, and welcoming for a younger audience.

To resolve the problem, a new typeface was chosen, called Blokletter, and was used for the body copy on both the flash cards and the colour cards. I felt the choice of type was much more child-like and handwritten relating more to their age and handwriting. I also felt it had more personality than the standard Helvetica previously used, and is much more engaging.

The tone of voice also needed to be changed. To solve this issue, the facts/figures used were taken out, and replaced with less formal, yet still educational notes in much easier to understand language for the target audience.

Below shows the edited flash cards. They will be A6, Portrait format, and die-cut to created curved corners, being more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to hold and use.

A packaging mock-up was also designed for the flash cards. The idea is a simple box like those which playing cards come in. Simple and easy to use/store as well as being easy to produce with recyclable materials/stock keeping in line with what we want to do with the other elements of the educational and creative pack.

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