Thursday, 13 March 2014


I decided to draw up some botanical flowers which could be scanned in and worked with digitally. Originally I was planning on using colour but felt a monochrome scheme would work much better with the chosen concept of pamper packs to use in the evening, falling in with a night time vibe. Furthermore I felt the illustrations drawn themselves were powerful and tonal enough to use without colour and felt this could make me stand out from other contestants work which I have seen during crits and online.

Once the illustrations were scanned in they were manipulated digitally to form a collaged print. Both A3/A4 prints can be seen below. The first image below is one image mirrored creating full flowers down the centre of the page to avoid lines where sketches have been joined or crossed. I was really happy with the outcome of the print, and asked David Gaskell and Bethany Dalzell for their opinions before work went ahead. They both agreed the print should remain monochrome, to emphasise the concept, as well as keeping the detail and hand-rendered appeal to the prints created. 

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