Sunday, 9 March 2014


I chose to pick a small competition brief to complete in a day, to enhance the variety of work shown throughout the module, and the versatility and adaptability of my design skills to any brief, target audience and tone. The brief chosen was a corporate logo design based brief which is something I haven't worked with previously, and most of my work is rather eclectic and contemporary. I wanted to experiment with a more formal, and strict tone of voice appealing to specific target audience, with specific and pre-determined specifications to work with. I also wanted to work more with restrictions to show capability within little movement for error.

The competition brief is taken from 99designs, and can be found here

The Brief:

"Design a logo for an angel funding company, Hummingbird Holdings, with the set specifications below:"

Name: Hummingbird Holdings
Slogan: Crowdfunding Essence
Description of the organisation and it's target audience: Hummingbird Holdings is a UAE based fund that targets investing in start-ups, i.e. angel funds.
Industry: Business & Consulting
Colour Preferences: Orange & Grey
To be used on: Online, Print & Signage

The Outcome:

With such specific specifications for the logo, including colour scheme, the only way to make my logo stand out from the other entries was to ensure good type choices and to use different type setting.

I felt the obvious choice for the logo was playing on the idea of a hummingbird itself. I didn't want this to be the focal point so adapted the type to show a golden tree centrally, with the hummingbird hovering over it. Ideally the tree would be foiled to add extra high quality and luxury to the company. Overall I think the logo is suitable for company reflecting the target audience, tone, and specifications set.

Typeface: Bodonisbluemy


I feel from working on this brief, I allowed myself to work at a fast pace to ensure the deadline was met, as well as ensuring it was completed within my deadline. I felt working to restrictions takes away the creative control of what looks better, or is more suitable for the company, or even a good idea. However, on the other hand I felt it also was easier at times as decisions were already made for me. Overall I feel the logo design is relevant, classic and contemporary whilst remaining, professional, corporate and luxurious. The mock-ups provided above also show how the logo could be adapted across a range of printed media to be used by the company, as well as giving the design much more emphasis and impact for the judges.

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