Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Below shows the final photographs taken showcasing the packaged research book for studio brief 1. Overall I am really happy with the outcome. Due to the booklet being perfect bound and professionally printed by Hobs for submission, they placed the 5mm bleed around the cover on the border also, which wasn't originally planned.* I was disheartened originally by this error however I do not feel it detracts from the overall impact, tone or content too much. In terms of the overall design I feel it reflects elements of Vogue and could be further expanded and developed in the future.

*I was originally going to hand-stitch the booklet using coptic binding however, after the crits and discussions with fellow students and myself, it was decided that I would get the final booklet for submission perfect bound to resemble the aesthetic, quality, format and overall feeling of Vogue much more strongly, as well as coming across more like a magazine.

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