Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I put together the following web mockups which would be proposed to be fully responsive and work on tablets and smart phones. It has been designed to the specifications which are listed in the brand guidelines maintaining continuity. I feel using a minimal approach to design allows the imagery to speak for itself, selling the product the brand works with, whilst following the structure of the brochure design also.

Proposed Home Page. It would have changing imagery when swiped on a tablet/phone or clicked on a laptop or computer, showing a variation of images as shown in the brochure and leaflet, reflecting the high quality and luxuriousness of the brand, as well as being bespoke and welcoming. I feel the balance between type and image following the guidelines reflects the brand and allows engagement from the viewer. The overall aesthetic and information which is proposed to be shown - About Us, Brochure, Gallery, Contact - have been positioned in a away to keep inline with the brand image and give the potential viewer a sense of premium, established carpenters building them their dream home.

An example of one of the page layouts - About Us.

The Brochure page would feature an interactive pdf, which allows more information on sizing, prices etc for different style houses. It would also be a downloadable pdf brochure.

Gallery would feature different developments.

Contact would feature office location, web address, and phone number.

- - - -

Mock-Ups on different web based devices, showing the proposed responsive design of the digital branding elements.

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