Thursday, 10 April 2014


After scrapping my initial idea I began working on the 2nd idea based around vintage TV's and visuals of the characters in the love triangle. I selected stills from the film, which were very sparse, so had to work the best with the visuals found as guides. 

I began drawing a line around the key features of each character, using the pen tool for accuracy. Once the outline was drawn, facial expressions were added as well as additional detailing to features such as ears, eyes and clothing. As the brief states 2 colours, plus stock, I wanted to work with the lines to create depth and tone. I used the width tool to manipulate each line afterwards at 0.25pt, to ensure any line can be achieved. I found this helped shape the characters more,  whilst giving more emphasis on recognisable features and expressions. You can see on the shirt below where I have started to manipulate each line.

Individual lines in 0.1 and 0.25 pt were use for detailing of the eye brows. Using line work allowed depth and tone to be built up easily, as well as being controlled. The illustration of the eye above shows the eye without any manipulations to the line work. An edited version can be seen below, and adds much more emotion and character to the illustration.

The line work being shown here is the same basis as used with the eyebrows, however at a different angle. I felt this again brought the illustration to life, and added the cartoon-esk, 50s, retro style illustration being created.

As seen on the series of images shown below, the hair was built up in sections using individual stroke lines at again 0.25pt and 0.1pt to give different depths and contrasts. This also added a life like movement to the hair.

I found the hair detailing hard work and tedious, however worth while in the end with the result.

Eyes and lips were also given some lighter line work to give depth and focus to key facial areas. This will allow these features to be prominent and recognisable to the viewer.

The same principles and direction was used with the other male character, and the female character. The screenshots detailing the development can be seen below.

Once all three illustrations had been created they were placed together and sized accordingly. This was the first time they had been seen alongside each other also, and it was important to check they were fitting before continuing with other design elements.

Happy with the illustrations, I moved on to drawing retro TVs based on my initial quick sketches. I again manipulated the lines to give depth, tone and the sense of a light source. Once all three had been drawn out and edited to my liking,  I placed the illustrations inside the TV screens. I could then begin experimenting with placement on the A4 page, which is also the set dimension. Due to the size chosen the detailed elements such as the hair will not be as prominent, however will still be effective and aesthetically pleasing.

After originally stacking the TVs on top of each other, I began moving them around. I quite liked how they were falling off each other, similar to the storyline in some strange aspect. I added cartoon style movement lines and type, using manipulated type. The typeface chosen is called Cheddar Jack, and is a retro, vintage style which is perfect for the style of illustration chosen.

I duplicated the poster and added colour in different opacities in different layers, in order to print this way. Cyan, then Yellow, then Black will be printed in order. I want to do this digitally to produce a screen-printed style poster, whereby each is overlaid slightly differently adding to the vintage feel and aesthetic. 

Final layers to print are shown above.

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