Saturday, 12 April 2014


Following the previous posts regarding the interior and exterior of the MONO store based in London, I have drawn up what I feel would be a suitable interior. This is shown through a floor map, dictating elements on both floors, 1 and 2. Key areas, visual merchandising displays and product space have been clearly highlighted along with store entrance (placed correlating to the exterior) and stair directions for both floors. I feel it is clear, succinct and allows for correct product placement and store interiors for the brand allowing for continuity and strong visual direction.

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Not only developing the interior of the store, (which is influenced via the exterior shown) the exterior needed to be worked on also. I didn't love any of the exterior stock mock-ups which I had previously worked on. I felt the exterior shown below had potential with the use of the MONO logo also, which has been placed above the door. I felt it was timeless, classic, and most importantly structured, which I feel reflects the brand and it's mission statement. By not allowing for window displays this also adds further intrigue and class to the flagship store which is based on Sloane Street, London. I believe this is the most appropriate exterior so far and will run perfectly alongside the advertising, branding and printed/digital collateral. 

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