Friday, 11 April 2014


In terms of packaging for the products, I wanted to create a series of gift boxes which would be suitable for jewellery, watches, earrings or hosiery. I wanted to develop 2 different sizes, small and medium, as well as a small gift bag as an alternate to the boxes. A shopping bag will also be designed and produced for clothing and shoes at a later date. Keeping the idea of continuity and brand across these elements also, they have been designed to be constructed with the same stocks and substrates used previously - card stock and vinyl. 

Below shows a to scale net drawn on Illustrator which shows dashed lines also. Dashed lines represent a perforation, whilst solid lines represent a cut line. I am lucky enough to have my own vinyl/die cutter, so used the software to cut the packaging perfectly ensuring neat lines and a perfect, high quality finish. The images showing red lines (below) represent the cut/perforation lines when applied to the Silhouette Cameo software, which is similar to that of the laser cutter in the wood workshop in college. The dimensions of the small box, which is shown below is 5cm x 5cm. I decided to use this type of net to give a much more unique and unusual finish and aesthetic, opposed to using standard jewellery box formats.

Above shows the larger version of the box, which is approximately double the size. I would like to place the logo on the smaller boxes with a vinyl logo, whilst with the larger boxes, I decided to use die-cutting for the logo. This adds a further sense of quality and finish, as well as a sense of further craft and expense for a luxury brand. It makes a small part of the branding important, and a focus to the identity which shoppers create with a luxury store. Black and white versions of the gift boxes have been produced.

Below shows the drawn up net ready to die-cut, which is approximatley 8x4cm. It is designed as an alternate to the gift boxes as previously mentioned. Again the dashed lines represent perforated lines, whilst the solid lines represent cut lines.  

Below shows a series of images taken through the development process of the packaging. The die-cutting in action can also be seen below adding reference to the images shown above.

Perfectly cut and folded edges on the smaller box - shown above.

Folding and securing the box shown above, through the tabs drawn and cut.

The same box was created in white also - shown below for reference.

Larger box shown above - cut edges shown on the card stock used. Close-ups shown below.

Folded and finished box - above and below. Net shown on screen in background as reference.

Above - black version of the larger die-cut box.

The mini-gift bag net shown above, with final product below. Ribbon was added to secure and pull the bag into place. A logo will be applied in logo on the front also in due course. I feel the boxes are sleek, well crafted, and most importantly aesthetically pleasing and fitting for the MONO brand. The colour scheme is kept in tact throughout as well as the minimal approach to design.

Above shows tracing paper with the logo printed with full bleed, which will be used as tissue paper inside the gift boxes. This adds extra depth and context to the concept as well as the overall product and quality, as well as the brand image.

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