Tuesday, 22 April 2014


After the crit, I started to work through the feedback given, and began changing certain elements where required. 

I began with the receipt stated the wrong address. This was corrected to Sloane Street, as well as a corrected web address which had not been picked up in the crit. The store location was also changed at the bottom, indicating where the transaction was made.

The receipt itself follows the same layout, structure, format and type setting as the previously printed version shown in the crit.

The silver Mirri card which had been used as a contrast to the monochromatic colour scheme had been mentioned more than once on my given feedback sheet, stating it seemed tacky, not as high end as the use of vinyl, and also leaves finger marks which are rather unappealing. I decided to re create the tag and the brand guidelines cover with alternate materials and aesthetics, whilst allowing further continuity and strengthening of the brand identity throughout. I chose to use white card with black matte vinyl. The same format and smaller tag was used. Using a plotter again also allowed for perfectly cut lines.

Below the finished, put together tag can be seen. I personally feel it looks much more sophisticated and high-end, and I am happy I made the change. The principal was also applied to the heart shape coaster/alternate business card. Again the re-worked version is much more aesthetically pleasing, classy, high-end and even sharper in terms of crafting.

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