Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Below shows the thought processes taken from the synopsis read. I came up with a solid idea, and as I felt this was the only viable idea I decided to work around the idea of a love triangle. I watched the film, and thought it was very poor and Jack Nicholson himself barely played a role, and wasn't credit as his role as a news broadcaster. I felt it was important to emphasise his role in the new alternative version of the film poster. 

I developed two ideas - one based around illustrations shown on tv's, and the other a more literal, geometric based idea. I decided to develop both to see which one would be more suitable and fitting, for not only the title of the film, but the storyline, context and era it was filmed in and based around. 

Once I had developed the poster to this stage I felt it wasn't working. The 6 panels in the triangle represent the colours broadcast through tv at the time, however felt it wasn't working and was too harsh for the comedy-romance theme of the film. It was also too modern looking, too clean and needed to be more vintage fitting with the era.

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