Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Today was the first crit for studio brief 2, for which I am re-designing my own high-end, luxury clothing label.

My work was look at by both tutors and students and feedback was given accordingly to the work presented. 

I have typed up the questions asked, and feedback received in order to allow it to be easily readable and legible.

Questions Asked:

1. Do you think the branding reflecting luxury and high-quality?
2. What do you think of the quality of the crafting?
3. Do you think the elements work together?


Spelling,  Grammatical Issues, Alignment & Print Error/Marks - Brand Guidelines.
Re-print and bind the brand guidelines - can be difficult to open. Perhaps try the same as the look book - stab stitching.
Unsmooth logo.
Poster has missed off ink in the right hand bottom corner - possibly check ink levels and overall print quality.
Change address on receipt to 'Sloane St' not 'Oxford St'.
Get rid of the silver card, can look 'tacky'. Not as high-end as the black, white and vinyl, and leaves dirt/finger marks very easily.
Strong recognisable logo.
Coat hangers could also be produced.

Actions to be Taken:

Coat hangers have actually been designed and are ready to laser cut in the next week. These were not ready for the crit.
Re-cut clothes tag and heart with tighter crafting and use of card/vinyl opposed to Mirri card.
Fix any grammatical or type errors.
Ensure spacing is correct - brand guidelines.
Re-print items stated above under 'feedback'.
Check smoothing edges of the logo for the printed elements/web elements.
Check crafting of business cards - tighten up edges.
Re-trim look book edges to ensure smooth, straight edge. I will use a rotary cutter this time opposed to a scalpel for more accuracy.

I feel these alterations will be easily made within the next week, ready for the next 505 crit.

The original crit sheet is posted below:

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